Available whenever I needed anything

Dear Marc,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help these last few years. As you know, when my dad passed away, I was overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities. You have been available whenever I needed anything! I don’t think I would have survived without your support.

-Estate Administration Client

Your kindness has been totally great

Dear Marc,

My deepest gratitude is with you for your expertise in the preparation of my end-of-life documents. This is a difficult process for me so your kindness has been totally GREAT!

-Estate Planning Client

He is amazing in his ability as a lawyer

I first met Marc Bronstein in 1979 when my father-in-law asked him to bail me out of a messy partnership/lease agreement, which Marc accomplished. Since that time almost 32 years have elapsed and Marc has bailed me out of problems many times, guided me around potential pit falls, been my business legal advisor, set up our family trusts, been the attorney for a trust I am the trustee of and rescued me from embarrassing situations a number of times.

He is amazing in his ability as a lawyer, in his ability to turn work around quickly, in his knowledge of accounting and his meticulous attention to detail.

His fees are modest and his bills are always reasonable.

I recommend him to you without reservation as over the 32 years I have known him his work has always been impeccable, honest, correct and reasonably priced.

-Business & Estate Planning Client

I trust him implicitly

My father and I met Mr. Bronstein in 2007. We were looking for an attorney to update my parents’ trust. After interviewing several attorneys, I was impressed by his knowledge and competency. I was going to become the trustee, executor, and agent under the power of attorney, and my dad wanted me to have support. When my father passed away in 2009, Marc assisted me with all of the financial matters involving our estate. Since then, he has continued to help me with every aspect of our business and estate, which include properties, trusts, investments, and taxes. When my mother was audited, he represented me with the IRS. He has also provided many resources for me including management companies and real estate agents. Marc has a depth of knowledge that makes him a critical asset for the management of my businesses and investments. I trust him implicitly, and his value to me cannot be overstated. I could not have managed without him.

-Business & Estate Planning Client

He was always just a phone call away and never kept me in the dark

I had been hiding from the IRS for almost 4 years. After multiple letters of a balance due of over 50,000 and liens put on my bank account, I was pushed into a corner. As a young single mother I didn’t have the resources to resolve my issue with the IRS, so I took a chance on any help I could find. I thought I was headed in the right direction when I reached out to a well-known company for tax debt relief, but I was misled and given false information so I was not able to proceed with them. I then got a connection for a family friend who could help but I could never get in contact with her and I kept getting letters from the IRS. Just when I found myself discouraged and ready to give up, I discovered Marc Bronstein through mutual friends. I wasn’t very optimistic in the beginning because of all the disappointments in the past, but as time went on, Marc built both a confidence and trust in him. He was open with me, very straightforward about his goal to help me and communicated with me on every step. I would receive regular updates of the progress we were making and it made me feel at peace to know I didn’t have to hide anymore. He was very patient with me with all the questions or concerns I had and turned my helplessness into hope.

He was always just a phone call away and never kept me in the dark. After all that time, I began to believe that my tax debt nightmare might actually be over. Marc didn’t make me feel like just another client, he treated me with respect and empathized with my situation. Today I stand at the freedom line of a fresh start and I couldn’t be happier, all thanks to Marc and his admiring commitment to helping people!


Petition to Modify Irrevocable Trust

Dear Marc,

Thank you very much for handling the Petition and for suggesting it to use in the first place!  I also want to thank your associate, Brett Wasserman, who represented us in court. I’m grateful to have access to excellent legal advice and representation.

-Trust Administration Client