A Trusted Team

Working with an experienced attorney is a crucial part of building and maintaining a solid Estate Plan. Knowledge of current laws and how they will benefit can be carefully explained. Goals can be outlined in detail, ensuring that your legacy will be maintained beyond your lifetime. Each element of your will or trust can be understood by you in preparation. While it is extremely important for you to have a firm knowledge of your plan and it’s implementation, one thing is very often overlooked…

You won’t be around to educate those left behind.

Typically, the conversation with a chosen executor, guardians or trustee doesn’t go beyond asking for the person to accept the role. These trustees, or “fiduciaries” may not learn the details of that role until after your death. The legal complexities involved, combined with the grief of having lost a loved one, can often be overwhelming. One way to avoid the possible stress and complications during this period is to have clear and comprehensive communication to help educate each person regarding the estate plan before they are thrust into their respective roles.

With your consent, an attorney can participate in a family meeting, acting as interpreter to help educate the fiduciaries regarding the mechanics of your estate plans and their part in it. This allows them to ask questions and understand clearly your intentions. It provides a comfortable setting that can minimize conflicts and build relationships between the professional advisors and family members. Hearing your plan directly from you, as opposed to reading it after your death, can provide a personal aspect and ease the process of executing your wishes if you become disabled or die.

By including those who you choose as trustees, guardians or executors in the careful planning of your estate plan, you can ensure that your family members are cared for and your legacy remains intact. We can help you, Call us today.

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